Welcome to the Opal League

Welcome to The Opal League! It is one of the first of it's kind to breach the barrier of being a Pokémon League for Pokémon fans by Pokémon fans. You will experience a challenge like you've never faced before. Each Gym Leader may have a specific type but all of their Pokémon are maxed out in EV's and IV's. This is not a journey for those who are light hearted.

Here's a quick word from one of our founders:

"Welcome to Rise Co.'s Opal League, An innovative, new, and fun way to play Pokemon. We will offer competitive battles, membership leaderboards, active blogging, a text platform for our Gym leaders to accept challenges and of course a membership owned site. All of this will come as soon as we are able. I'd like to personally thank everyone involved with making this website work. Please stay tuned,involved, and watch the site grow."
-Taylor Draper
Co Founder of Rise Co.

Are you to ready take on the challenge?

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